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Q: What style of martial art do you teach?

A: At Freedom Tae Kwon-Do, we teach the art of ITF Tae Kwon-Do, as instructed by it’s founder, General Choi, Hong Hi. ITF Tae Kwon-Do is an exciting martial art, well known for it’s power, speed and dynamic kicks. Practically speaking, it is the scientific use of the entire body for self defense. Tae Kwon-Do, however, is much more than that. It is an exciting, energizing activity that helps develop a healthy lifestyle, positive outlook and the confidence needed to succeed in today’s world. Through ongoing training, students develop increased flexibility, agility, stamina, strength speed and power. The workouts help to work away all of the stress we accumulate throughout the day, and leave us feeling energized and positive. Students learn simple yet highly effective means of defending themselves should the need arise, and they develop the confidence necessary to take charge of their lives and say NO!

Q: How do I go from one belt to the next?

A: Each rank (level of achievement) has a written curriculum, including fundamental movements, patterns, step sparring, self defense, and knowledge, as well as specific time requirements. Each of our exciting programs comes complete with its own Student Manual, outlining all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to progress. You will always know exactly what you need to do to advance.

Q: How long will it take me to get a Black Belt?

A: At Freedom Tae Kwon-Do, we value student development over advancement! The skills, abilities and attiditude necessary to become a Black Belt cannot be developed overnight. Black Belts are neither handed out casually after a year or two, nor are they looked upon as a nearly unattainable goal a decade down the road. The more you put into your training the more you will get out of it!. For most students who are excited and energetic about their training, the level of Black Belt can normally be achieved within three to four years!

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: Mr. Ottesen has been teaching ITF for over 29 years in the Prince George area. Throughout this time, he has provided training for students and instructors alike! Mr. Ottesen has been fortunate to be able to travel and teach Tae Kwon-Do in many different countries including; Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, U.S.A., and Trinidad.

Q: How big are your classes?

A: Class sizes will change slightly throughout the year, however, we maintain a maximum 12 to 1 Student to Instructor Ratio to be sure that each of our students gets all of the personal attention they need.

Q: Will there be other beginners in my class?

A: At Freedom Tae Kwon-Do, we have classes for all ages and all abilities. Each class consists of students within the same age and ability level. We even have classes dedicated to Beginning Students, teaching all of the skills necessary for your progression.

Q: When are your classes?

A: With classes offered six days per week, we are able to offer classes that should fit almost any schedule. Classes generally start at 4:00 in the afternoon and finish around 9:30 in the evening. Our Dojang is also open throughout the day, allowing students to come in and practice on their own, or seek some special assistance from the instructors.

Q: How young can you start?

A: Freedom Tae Kwon-Do offers a unique Little Eagles Program, for children aged 4, 5 and 6. This program focuses on the skills necessary for developing bodies. This program helps develop important social and development skills such as: concentration, the ability to follow directions, left from right, balance, co-ordination and gross motor skills. It even has an integral Stranger Danger program, designed to help little ones better understand how to deal with strangers and potential dangerous situations!


Q: How many classes per week should I attend?

A: For consistent progress, we suggest that you begin by attending two classes per week, and reviewing what you have learned at home. Once you have progressed through your first few belts, you may wish to attend even more classes.

Q: What makes Freedom Tae Kwon-Do your best choice in martial arts schools?

A: Superior Instruction for you and your child that will pay off in better training as well as easier learning and advancement for you and your family. Many instructors and studio owners are “part timers”. The Instructional Team at Freedom Tae Kwon-Do is a full time professional team, not a part time recreational one. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every year, our instructors attend International Instructor Training and continue to learn and receive the best possible skills and knowledge to pass on to our students. With extensive, professional accreditation, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible instruction available anywhere! Freedom Tae Kwon-Do invests heavily to provide top quality training materials and aids for our students. With a state of the art facility and full compliment of training equipment, we are able to offer a variety of fun filled and unique training experiences for everyone. From heavy bags, and kicking shields to focus mitts, targets and paddles, we have it all! We even have custom built board holders and rebreakable boards to assist our students in their training! Safety is paramount at Freedom Tae Kwon-Do. We offer a custom, fully padded floor, safety laminated mirrors, and full Level 3 first aid supplies for your safety!