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Defense Tactics

Our Defense Tactics Programs teach a comprehensive system of skills that allow the user to reliably defend against an aggressive assault, all while following the standards and constraints of the Canadian National Use of Force model. These programs includes a number of modules, which may be added or deleted as necessary to create the appropriate course for your agency: Use of Force, Tactical Handcuffing, Escort and Joint Control, Pressure Point / Neural Motor Control, Defensive Tactics, Collapsible/Impact Weapon, Weapon Retention, Knife Defense and Disarming, Persuader Key Chain and Tactical Communications.

Pressure Point and Neural Motor Control

This course has been designed to teach a reliable, safe means of controlling moderate to high levels of resistance. Techniques revolve around the use of nervous system pain points and motor control points to create pain compliance, motor dysfunction, and possible mental stunning in aggressive or violent subjects. Highly effective, court defensible techniques are taught for use in dynamic situations. Officers learn methods of safely overcoming passive and active resistance, as well as valuable skills necessary for effective officer survival, weapon disarming and control tactics.

Edged Weapons Defense

Our Edged Weapons Defense System has been designed to meet the needs of police, correctional and security officers. Training begins with discussions on offensive knife systems. The focus of this training is to raise the student’s awareness to the sophistication of strategies, yet the simplicity which an officer can fall victim to a moderately trained subject with a knife. The second phase of training will focus on easy to implement, realistic, yet highly aggressive check and stun philosophy. Employing easily used gross motor skills that are compatible to the affects of survival stress; this program allows for quicker learning and retention under the stress of an edged weapon encounter.

Impact Weapon / Collapsible Baton

Our Collapsible Baton / Impact Weapon System is one of the simplest and most effective baton systems available. This course is compatible to traditional straight batons or collapsible batons made by any manufacturer. The system is based upon three principles: 1) the justified use of the impact weapon as a means of control, 2) the effects of survival stress and performance, necessitating a simple and quick to learn program, using gross motor skills, 3) The course emphasizes striking large nerve motor points, which are four to five inches in diameter. These targets have been proven to be more effective and have less potential for permanent injury, than striking joints or indiscriminate targets.

Weapon Retention and Disarming

This unit teaches a simple system of disarming and handgun or long gun retention. This unit will address holstered defenses, drawn weapon defenses, front and rear hostage situations, as well as maintaining a long gun in the slung or open positions.

Control and Defense Tactics

The CDT program was developed in response to the need for agencies to provide quality training and certification to their officers in the areas of subject control and defensive tactics. The CDT program will introduce officers to a wide variety of counter and control skills necessary to efficiently and effectively neutralize and control violent situations. Training includes techniques and tactics for officer / subject relative positioning; patterns of movement; control & escort tactics, blocks, counters and restraint tactics, as well as an overview of legal issues and litigation related to subject control & defensive tactics.

Knife Defense & Disarming

Edged Weapons – The weapons of choice in today’s society. Attacks on officers and civilians are growing at an alarming rate. All officers should be proficient in at least the basic skills of knife defense and disarming in order to protect themselves and the citizens they are sworn to protect. Instruction consists of defensive and control tactics using both hands-on practical exercises as well as lecture materials. The tactics learned are dynamic reactions to dangerous situations involving edged or sharp weapons. Utilizing instinctive human responses, students learn simple, reflexive responses to attacks from any direction, resulting in an effective and natural response to edged attacks. The tactics are easy to learn, and are consistent with the needs of officers in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

Tactical Handcuffing

The Tactical Handcuffing course is designed to teach officers how to apply handcuffs quickly and safely in 2 or 3 seconds in a wide variety of field and correctional situations. This cuffing system eliminates the confusion some officers suffer when using more complex methods that tend to be forgotten after training and during stress. This course covers basic patterns of movement and relative positioning, frisking and searching of both men and women, and multiple other legal issues related to the cuffing and searching of subjects. Officers are taught how to control resisting subjects before, during, and after cuffing, using effective methods for maintaining control and ensuring officer safety, while avoiding injury, claims of excessive force and the resultant litigation.

Persuader Defensive Keychain

The persuader keychain is a practical, inexpensive personal safety tool that can be carried discretely wherever you go. In the event of a serious, life-threatening assault, this unassuming little device can be converted into a powerful and effective self-defense tool that can dramatically increase the odds of your survival. Originally developed for use by police officers, the Persuader has revolutionized the concept of unarmed self-defense. By learning a few simple yet effective techniques, and combining this training with common sense and awareness, any individual carrying a Persuader will be much more capable of defending themselves in the unfortunate event that a confrontation occurs.

Specialized Training Courses

Freedom TKD and Defense can put together specialized training programs to meet your specific needs. We work hand in hand with all of our clients to design the most comprehensive and task applicable programming available. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of your needs are met in a timely and professional manner. FTKD and Defense can provide you with cutting edge training at our site or yours, around the world. Please call 250-564-2565 to discuss your needs with a training professional today!

In House Training

All of our in house training courses are held in a warm, brightly lit, 3000 square foot training facility. This provides students a spacious environment in which to safely learn and practice the physical skills delivered in the course.

To ensure participant safety, we have over 1700 square feet of special EVA sponge flooring, and a complete array of safety training equipment. Our instructors are all certified in First Aid and CPR, and there is a full compliment of First Aid equipment on site.

All necessary equipment is provided; participants need only bring appropriate dress and duty gear.

Our facility, equipment, and safety officer are also available for training sessions on a rental basis.

Mobile Training

Freedom TKD can also provide mobile or on site training for all of our courses. Remote locations, site-specific training and operational budgets may dictate that a course is held at your site, or at a separate location. We can provide an instructor, training equipment and safety officer for all of your on-site needs. We even have a portable flooring system to ensure safety throughout the training scenario.

Dynamic Training Tools

Freedom TKD is fully equipped to provide for all of your defensive tactics training needs. Proper, functional equipment allows students to perfect their technique and develop confidence by applying their skills in a dynamic, safe environment without concern for injury or pain.

Participant safety is our first concern. Our instructors pride themselves in offering only clean equipment in new condition for all of their programs.

Some of the equipment / resources we provide:

  • 1700 sq. feet of portable EVA sponge flooring.
  • Redman Defensive Tactics Suit for Dynamic Encounter scenarios.
  • Simulated weapons for disarming and retention techniques.
  • Padded batons for Force on Force simulations.
  • Handcuffs and keys for handcuffing tactics.
  • Protective shields for hard hand control tactics and impact weapons.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Safety Officer / First Aid attendant and equipment Personnel for role playing / dynamic encounter scenarios
Specialized training and protective equipment can be provided with advance notice.